6 Facts About the Michael Hatcher & Associates Team You Probably Didn't Know

Michael Hatcher

Sep 24, 2020 9:30:00 AM

What’s the real dirt at Michael Hatcher & Associates?

Why do 100-plus people want to work here — some for decades? Why do so many customers connect with us not just as landscaping pros, but as people?

It has to do with money, melons, and the Mempop truck.

Intrigued? Take a peek at six cool facts from behind the scenes:

1. Fun Stuff Happens Here

Ice cream truck visits. The occasional pizza day. Surprise breakfast sandwiches.

Human Resources Director Lana Brown always has something up her sleeve.

She’s famous for showing up with bags of goodies for crew members, filled with candy, lip balm, and hand warmers in the winter and cooling neck wraps in the summer.
Lana Brown handing off goodie bags to the crew
On Valentine’s Day, she hands out candy. Pretty sweet.

If you win Employee of the Month, you’ll pocket some extra cash or a gift card.

We love celebrating our wins together as a company. The senior team members might host a cookout, grilling burgers or hot dogs for everybody.

We recently brought in 150 watermelons on a hot summer day. Everybody got to take one home. Other places might give you a slice. Here, you get a whole melon.

Sometimes the Mempop gourmet popsicle truck rolls up. Blueberry lime mint. Roasted peach. Coffee caramel.

Can’t choose? No need. Have as many as you want!

We work hard here at Hatcher, but we have fun, too.

2. We Check on You — in a Good Way

Lana Brown checks in with new employees after 30, 60, 90 days and one year “to make sure they’re in the right seat on the bus,” as she puts it, ensuring everything’s going well.

You’re not in this alone.

3. Our People are Super Cool

Chances are, if you start chatting with one of your fellow team members in the parking lot or share a table for lunch, you’ll hear an interesting story.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the many intriguing people who work here:

  • Jeff Peterman, Landscape Construction Manager, started his construction career framing houses. He still builds stuff. You’ll often find Jeff in his garage crafting tables, beds, and benches from cedar logs or whiskey barrels.
Jeff Peterman, Landscape Construction Manager, with his family

  • Ron Bobal, Director of Commercial & Industrial Business Development, spends Friday evenings volunteering at a charity he and his wife Lisa started, A Betor Way, in memory of their son, Ronnie, who passed away from opioid addiction. They operate a harm reduction program out of a 20-foot trailer, with a slew of volunteers and community partners who help those struggling find treatment and help.
Ron Bobal, Director of Commercial & Industrial Business Development, with his charity
  • Liz Robison, Irrigation Service Manager, worked as a licensed irrigator, digging trenches and troubleshooting repairs. She had clients at past jobs who saw her and told her to turn around and get back in her truck. They didn’t think a woman could do the job. Now she’s a role model, proving by her work every day that landscaping is a great field for women. She also has a teaching degree, went to college on a cheerleading scholarship, and rescued a six-week old malnourished puppy from the side of the road.

Liz Robison, Irrigation Service Manager, with her rescued puppy

4. We’re Tech Savvy

Plenty of people who come to work at Michael Hatcher & Associates worked at companies that were still using white boards, printing paperwork, and punching time clocks.

Here, we use the latest technology for everything from customer communication to workflow.

Team members appreciate how much technology streamlines their jobs. Customers love how it helps communication, efficiency, and makes working with us easy.

5. We Care About Community

Michael Hatcher & Associates has partnered with Center Hill High School in Olive Branch.

We help students plant trees at the school on Earth Day, keep their ball fields tidy, and sponsor back-to-school breakfasts for teachers.

Helping the school makes us feel good.

6. We Love to Hire for Life

Many of our 100-plus team members have been here for 15, 25, 30 years.

One guy started Michael Hatcher opened the business in 1986. After he retired, Michael convinced him to come back a couple days a week. (Michael’s persuasive that way.)

Kelly Ogden started out 15 years ago as an Irrigation Service Technician and worked his way up to Vice President of Sales and Customer Service.

“I’ve worn every hat you can wear at this company,” Ogden says. “The career path opportunities are better here than any place I’ve ever been.”

Why else do people stay so long?

You earn more here than at our local competitors. We encourage and support each other. There’s always room to grow.

As Ogden likes to say, “It’s a great place to start and a great place to finish.”

Michael Hatcher & Associates Team

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