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Project Estimate: Let's Talk
*This tool is meant to give you an estimate for your project. After exploring all the details, we will get you an accurate quote for your complete project.
Project Estimate: Let's Talk
*This tool is meant to give you an estimate for your project. After exploring all the details, we will get you an accurate quote for your complete project.

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Outdoor Kitchen

8’-10’ long built-in grill station
Outdoor kitchen equipped with grill, fridge, small seating area for 4-5 stools
Large outdoor kitchen and bar with ample seating, grill/pizza oven, premium appliances

Water Feature

Small water feature in a compact area
Medium water feature with small fountains and maybe a waterfall
Large water feature with landscape boulders and waterfalls

Backyard Patio

Paver patio with room for a 6-piece dining set and few extra chairs or accents (approx 200 sq ft)
Paver patio with room for dining and lounge furniture as well as some additional accents (approx 400 sq ft) 
Large natural stone or premium paver patio with space for multiple features and several dining and lounging areas ( greater than 600 sq ft)

Front or Side Walkway

Natural stone steppers for a walkway less than 20' in length
Paver walkway with no steps less than 40' in length
Natural stone or paver walkway with a few steps to transition slopes or grade transitions less than 60' length and 6 steps

Masonry Seating Walls

Small accent masonry sitting wall 30'or less
Several small or one larger continuous seat wall
Multiple seating and accent walls along most of your new patio defining the space and creating areas

Fire Feature

Small built-in wood burning or gas firepit made from natural stone or patio block
Medium sized fireplace with stone finishes and built in hearth and other accents
Large custom stone fireplace with gas or wood fuel or multiple firebowls incorporated into a pool or hardscapes


Small swimming pool perfect for just the family and for smaller yards
Medium sized swimming pool great for family fun with friends
Large custom swimming pool with spa and incorporated water feature

Covered Outdoor Structures

Small outdoor structure perfect for getting out of the sun or a passing shower.
Medium sized pool house with plenty of space to accommodate dining and lounging areas or add in a custom outdoor kitchen and fireplace
Large customized outdoor structure with incorporated storage or changing areas in addition to your dining, lounging, and other features


Foundation plantings including trees, shrubs, and perennials to provide season-long color and interest
Larger package including flowering and shade trees, shrubs, and perennials
Extensive package encompassing most of your property with room for multiple shade trees, screen trees, and island beds in addition to the foundation plantings

Landscape Lighting

Basic landscape lighting with LED lights and transformer less than 10 light fixtures
Premium LED lighting system with deck/patio lighting and up, path, or down lighting to accent
Premium LED lighting system with app based control systems providing extensive lighting for your deck, patio, landscaping, and home exterior

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