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Irrigation Systems For Efficient Summer Watering

By Michael Hatcher | July 20, 2018

During these hot Memphis summer months, you may find yourself fretting about how to keep your lush, green landscape safe from the intense heat. The best way to battle the scorching sun is to be smart about how and when you irrigate your plants, trees, and lawn. During periods of consistent rainfall, most of the Read More

Outside patio and grill for home

Outdoor Kitchens

By Michael Hatcher | June 22, 2018

Summer is almost here, and it is the perfect time for backyard BBQ’s. You do not need much more than a grill, a cooler, and a few seats to make the most out of these long days and nights, but a well-designed outdoor kitchen by Michael Hatcher & Associates will allow you to cook in Read More

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Winter Damage And Spring Planting

By Michael Hatcher | May 1, 2018

Spring seems to be taking its time arriving this year, even here in the Mid-South. With below average temperatures lasting throughout March and April, as well as a number of late and sometimes unexpected frosts, many gardening plans have been put on hold. Although we did not have a particularly harsh winter, it does not Read More


The Importance Of Proper Drainage Ahead Of Storm Season

By Michael Hatcher | April 2, 2018

With over thirteen inches of rain falling, this February set a new mark for the wettest on record in Memphis. This kind of heavy precipitation is a reminder that late winter and early spring are an especially good time to resolve any drainage or erosion issues you’ve been having with your property, particularly in the Read More

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Irrigation: Spring Start-Up and Backflow Testing

By Michael Hatcher | March 2, 2018

Spring start-up and inspection services typically are performed starting in late March into early June, depending on the weather conditions for each year. Michael Hatcher and Associates will not only get your irrigation up and programmed, but also can perform the following procedures to ensure your system is running efficiently. Here’s how the process works: If your Read More

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Pre-Emergents for Your Lawn

By Michael Hatcher | February 9, 2018

Spring will be here before you know it, so the question is not if you will need pre-emergent weed control for your lawn, but when you’ll need it. For homeowners like you who truly love their lawn, it’s a matter of life or death when it comes to preventing the hostile takeover of your turfgrass Read More

photo of army worm on leaf

Brown Patches of Grass Can Be a Sign of Army Worms

By Michael Hatcher | July 13, 2017

A green lawn adds both color and, therefore, curb appeal to your property. Don’t let patches of brown grass, caused by armyworms, take that away. Armyworms aggressively feed on well-maintained grass in areas such as Memphis and the entire Mid-South. These pests are active beginning in July and ending in September, when weather conditions are Read More

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4 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes This Summer Season

By Michael Hatcher | July 2, 2017

The irritation of mosquitoes in your outdoor living space can end any summer barbeque much quicker than intended. So how do you prevent these mosquitoes from wreaking havoc in your yard, allowing you to continue to celebrate the warm weather long into the evening hours? Mosquitoes lay eggs in and are attracted to standing water. Read More