Six reasons why your commercial property needs a three-year landscape maintenance plan

Ginny Shikle

May 1, 2024 8:31:53 AM

When it comes to commercial property management, the significance of a comprehensive landscape maintenance plan cannot be overstated. Partnering with a commercial landscape expert like Michael Hatcher & Associates to establish a structured three-year maintenance plan, rather than only planning one year at a time or having work performed as needed, offers numerous benefits that extend beyond mowing the grass.

“Maintaining commercial properties requires consistent care and attention,” says Alex Moore, a Senior Account Manager at Michael Hatcher & Associates. “The outdoor spaces serve as the face of a property, and having a long-term contract with a professional landscape company like ours is crucial to leaving a lasting impression.”

Commercial Maintenance customers of Michael Hatcher & Associates include medical facilities, professional offices, retail centers, industrial complexes, hotels, retirement communities, and homeowner association communities, to name a few. In addition to mowing, some of the services that maintenance crews provide these customers are bed renovation including shrub and tree installation, tree pruning and removal, irrigation installation and service, planting seasonal flowers, and making drainage improvements. Michael Hatcher & Associates also provides parking lot sweeping, leaf removal, and contracted snow and ice management.

Personalized services are recommended based on site visits, and three-year plans provide an overall view of the property with suggestions for each year.

“The account manager will walk the site with the property manager and show them a map that’s labeled to a corresponding proposal,” Moore says. “The account manager can relate to the sequence of events that best suits that project. For instance, if the site does not have an irrigation system present and the client is wanting to install new plant material, an irrigation system would be on year one of the three-year landscape plan. Year two could be plantings, and year three could be proactive tree pruning of the existing trees onsite.”Alex Moore with Southwind HOA Board Member 2_20240419_Matt Wyatt_web

Here are six reasons why your commercial property needs a three-year landscape maintenance plan:

  1. Prioritizing safety and compliance. “A business’s outdoor spaces should be attractive, well maintained, and safe,” Moore says, not to mention in compliance with local ordinances and regulations. “Maintaining a safe environment protects clients, tenants, and visitors, and shows that safety is just as important as quality.”
  2. Budget planning. By planning well in advance, commercial property owners can optimize budget allocations. “A three-year landscape maintenance plan is recommended because it helps to better budget and plan,” Moore says. “This means they can also streamline operations and be consistent with the standard of care for their outdoor spaces.”
  3. Enhanced property value and curb appeal. Moore suggests a multi-year approach because an owner’s commitment to a property’s aesthetic can lead to satisfied tenants and customers, which in turn converts to higher revenue and property values. “Commercial properties should be pristine and inviting, not just for customers but also for employees,” Moore says. “A three-year maintenance contract can enhance a property’s overall appeal and value.”
  4. Long-term cost-savings. “Implementing a three-year plan for commercial properties strategically addresses landscape maintenance needs over time, which ensures long-term savings and cost-effective maintenance,” Moore says.
  5. Proactive management. “A comprehensive plan allows property managers to be proactive,” Moore says. “We can identify potential problems in advance and reduce the risk of unexpected issues.”
  6. Access to expertise and consistency. “Michael Hatcher & Associates has eight account managers who can guarantee consistent care and quality of service for an extended period through regular quality audits,” Moore says. “This continuity ensures that we meticulously maintain our commercial properties year-round.”

Opting for a three-year landscape maintenance plan offers numerous advantages. To take the next step with your commercial property, visit us online at or call 901-755-3207 to reach a dedicated member of our Commercial Maintenance Account Management team.

Ginny Shikle

Written by Ginny Shikle