3 Reasons to Include Native Plants in Your Landscape

Michael Hatcher

Aug 25, 2016 8:25:22 AM

Summertime is not only hot, but dry as well. Rather than struggling to keep your flowers and plants alive, however, turn to native plants. Here are three reasons you should include these types of plants in your landscaping.

Less Water Means More Water Conservation

A typical yard only needs an inch of water a week. Drought tolerant plants, or native plants, however, require less water than your lawn and, for that matter, any other type of plant. The amount of required water makes these types of plants ideal for the dry, hot spells that accompany a Mid-South summer.


Drought Tolerant Plants, a Decrease in Fertilizers

Native plants are more adapted to the environment and are also born with natural defenses meaning less fertilizer and fewer pesticides are required for them to thrive. Another way to avoid an excessive amount of fertilizer is to focus on the soil that your plants are currently living in. Proper soil health will encourage plant health just like, if not better than, fertilizers will.

Native Plants Benefit Nature

Drought tolerant plants provide both food and shelter to our environment as well as care for nature's pollinators. These native plants attract a variety of bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife by providing them with a diverse habitat to live in as well as an array of food sources such as berries and seeds.


Many families are turning towards to benefit of native plants. In fact, native plants are one of the 3 Landscaping Movements of 2016.

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Michael Hatcher

Written by Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is Founder and Chairman of Michael Hatcher & Associates.