The Benefits of Using Large Containers in Your Commercial Property Landscaping

Michael Hatcher

Apr 29, 2020 3:54:09 PM

If you’re only using your big showy container gardens to look pretty, you're wasting their talent.

Sure, they’re pretty. Packed with vibrant hot pink zinnias, ornamental grasses that wave in the breeze, and vacation-vibe tropical banana trees, they can be real show stoppers.

They attract attention. They offer welcome and cheer to employees as they arrive at work.  

But big planters are also real workhorses for your commercial property landscaping.

When you see all they can do, you’ll want a few more. 

Wow-worthy Container Gardens 

First off, large containers of beautiful plants grab attention. 

Container garden at commercial property

They show visitors and customers that you care enough about the aesthetics of your commercial property landscaping to make passersby exclaim, “Wow.”

  • Go tropical with banana trees, palms, and bird of paradise. 
  • Ornamental grasses add height, texture, and graceful movement.
  • The right blooms can really pack a punch, from dazzling orange, red, neon pink, and coral sunpatiens to equally vivid zinnias. We love these posies for pots, as they’re heat and drought tolerant. 
  • Don’t forget trees for impact. Japanese maples, crabapples, and flowering cherry all do well in pots. 

Hmmmmm, Where to Put the Planters…

So many places. Entrances. Signage. Poolside. Courtyards. Walkways. Rooftops.

Have an uninspiring, ho-hum area? Add a giant container garden brimming with color and texture for instant planter pizzazz. 

No Puny Planters, Please 

Go big. We’re talking huge, impressive pots that really make a statement.

Think planters several feet wide and tall.

Many commercial property owners skimp on planters. They either don't use enough to make an impact, or their planters are too small to be noticed.

Remember, many commercial property buildings are huge, whether sprawling out on one level or soaring several stories high.

Either way, small planters just get lost. Nobody notices them. 

Don't waste your money and efforts by thinking too small.

Container Gardens to Direct Traffic Flow

container garden at commercial property landscapeUnless they’re Olympic hurdlers, pedestrians won’t leap over giant planters. Big pots will slow people down and encourage them to walk around them. 

So use big planters in your commercial property landscaping to steer shoppers through courtyards, direct hospital visitors, encourage pedestrians to head away from eyesores and straight to where the action is. 

Planters as Problem Solvers 

Planting in the ground isn’t always an option. Maybe the soil is too shallow or too packed with clay.

Flower beds are great, but large planters can make as much or more of an impact.

You can fill planters with top-quality potting soil more easily than enriching large flower beds.

Then, boom — instant container gardens just about anywhere. 

Planters to Hide Unattractive Views

Ugly pipes? Air conditioning units? Unsightly trash cans? Those plaid pants you thought were a good idea at the time? 

Big container gardens to the rescue.

Even though these planters start out large, they have an even bigger presence once they’re packed with flowers, foliage, and trees.

You'll be surprised how much they can hide. 

Container Gardens for Privacy

Everybody loves a little privacy. Big planters are great for this, especially when planted with tall, lush tropical plants or substantial trees.

There are plenty of spots where commercial property landscaping could use a little privacy. 

  • Use planters to screen a swimming pool at a HOA or apartment complex.
  • Put them to work on a restaurant outdoor patio to create a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Create intriguing, cozy nooks in a big outdoor common area. 

Planters as Instant Healing Gardens

Plants have helped with healing for centuries, and some of the plants that worked back then are just as beneficial now — and fit nicely in a container garden.

Pack planters with roses, lavender, and catnip.

Tuck rosemary, sage, and sweet marjoram into pots where passersby can ruffle their fingers through the fragrant leaves and breathe in the healing scents.

A portable healing garden is great for hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, or any place people might appreciate a fragrant boost.

Bonus Points: Container Gardens Adapt with the Seasons

Don’t tuck your big planters away after the summer season. What a waste that would be.

When fall rolls around, perk up those same planters with pansies and violas with their captivating multi-colored faces. Tuck in a few ruffly ornamental cabbages and kale in white, cream, pink, purple, and green.

container planter at commercial property entrance

Delight Santa — and holiday shoppers — with planters of arborvitae, boxwood, or holly. Add festive white lights for twinkly holiday flair.

Need Hard-Working Container Gardens? Trust Hatcher

And you thought big containers gardens were just for show. Now that you know all the great uses, what are you waiting for?

Stunning, vibrant planters attract shoppers, make apartment communities more appealing, create privacy, screen unattractive views, and so much more.

Sounds great, but no time to bother with all that? Leave it to us.

We’ll help you choose striking planters, pack them with gorgeous plants, and take care of them as if they were our own little beauties. 

Are you ready to boost the appeal of your commercial property with wow-worthy large outdoor planters? 

Talk to one of our commercial landscaping experts today! We’ll meet at your property, create a custom plan, and get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful, worry-free property.

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Michael Hatcher

Written by Michael Hatcher

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