Annual vs. Perennial Flowers: Exploring Costs & Benefits for your Memphis Commercial Landscaping

Michael Hatcher

Feb 8, 2021 8:10:16 AM

When it comes to adding a powerful punch to your commercial property landscaping, you can’t beat colorful annual flowers.

Or can you?

Sure, everybody loves the bright burst of beauty that annual flowers bring, and you definitely need them for your highest visibility spots.

But what if you replaced some of those short-lived annuals with long-lasting perennials that return every year?

You’d save a lot of money.

Here’s why, and how.

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Annual vs Perennial Flowers: Why You Need Both

“A lot of spots on your property still need some annuals,” says Kelly Ogden, General Manager of Commercial Maintenance at Hatcher & Associates. “You still need that pop of color 12 months out of the year in some places.”

Places like entrances, for a showy first impression. Your signage by the road, to attract attention. Containers, where bright annuals really stand out.
Commercial annual plantings
But other planting beds around your property don’t always need that high-visibility color, Ogden says.

When Ogden works with budget-conscious customers to replace some annuals with perennials, he can reduce their seasonal annual color budgets by 70 percent.

Spend Now, But Save Later

Many customers spend $20,000 every year on annuals, Ogden says — $10,000 in spring and another $10,000 in fall.

They look great for a season, but then they’re done.

“You’re paying for something that’s going to die,” he says.

Invest in the best perennials and they come back dependably year after year.

“You may spend twice your seasonal budget on perennials the first year, but you gain it back in three years,” Ogden says. “You save in the long run.”Perennial plantings

Annual vs Perennial Plants: Maintenance

You save on water with perennials, too. Once established, perennials don’t need as much water as thirsty annuals, Ogden says.

Maintenance? It’s the same. Both annuals and perennials need deadheading and trimming back.

Annual vs Perennial Flowers for Containers

Containers of flowers are typically showpieces in high-visibility areas like entrances and courtyards.

Annuals are still your best bet there, Ogden says.
Container planting in entrance
Plus, perennials are often risky in containers, since their roots can only stretch down into the soil for a few inches.

“You never know when there’ll be a freeze or how deep it will freeze,” Ogden says. “In containers, their roots can only go about five inches deep. A hard freeze would kill them.”

Now, the Fun Part! Choosing the Best Perennials

What perennials will put on a great show on your commercial property?

“There are tons of great ones,” Ogden says.

Here are some of his favorites:

Purple Coneflower
purple coneflower


Blue False Indigo

Blue False Indigo


Lance-leaved Coreopsiscoreopsis flower


Black-eyed Susan

black-eyed susan




Some perennials are famous for blooming a long time, giving you a longer-lasting show:

Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'

Coreopsis Moonbeam


Geranium ‘Rozanne’

Geranium Rozanne


Russian Sage

Russian Sage


Nepeta 'Walker's Low’

Nepeta Walkers Low





Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’

Rudbeckia Goldstrum


Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Sedum Autumn Joy


Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns'

Hemerocallis Happy_Returns

The key to long-lasting, impressive perennial beds is to layer different varieties based on their bloom times, so there’s always eye-catching color.

Annuals vs. Perennials? Make the Switch with Hatcher

If only one thing we’ve said here stuck with you, we bet it was this: you can reduce your annual seasonal flower budget by 70 percent.

That’s a great reason to get started.

Not sure where perennials will thrive on your commercial property, or what blooms when? You don’t know a coreopsis from a coneflower?

No worries. Hatcher landscape designers make it easy. They‘ll plan drifts of easy-care perennials so you’ll have eye-catching displays throughout the seasons.

They can even create a plan to add impressive perennials to your property in stages, replacing annuals over time to make it easier on your budget.

Then, while you and your customers enjoy your billowy lavender Russian Sage and your dazzling golden Brown-eyed Susans year after year, you’ll feel great about the savings.

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Are you ready to boost the appeal of your commercial property plus save money with impressive, long-lasting perennials? Talk to one of our commercial landscaping experts today! We’ll meet at your property, create a custom plan, and get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful, worry-free property.

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Image Source: Purple Coneflower, Blue False Indigo, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Black-Eyed Susan, Daylily, Coreopsis 'Moonbeam', Geranium ‘Rozanne’, Russian Sage, Nepeta 'Walker's Low’, Coneflower, Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’, Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns'

Michael Hatcher

Written by Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is Founder and Chairman of Michael Hatcher & Associates.