Lawn Care & Spray Services

04Pests, turf diseases and weeds within your Memphis lawn can take away from its appeal and health.

Improve your yard’s curb appeal and strength with lawn care services and lawn spray service.

In 2018, Michael Hatcher & Associates, Inc. acquired a Memphis-based lawn care company, Master Lawn

This new brand name and focused division of our organization treat plants, trees, and turf for unwanted pests, which can include spray services for ants and ticks, diseases and weeds throughout Memphis and the Mid-South.


We adhere to the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) when choosing the type of lawn spray fertilizer and quantity of lawn care applications to use in order to prevent plant damage. Pest prevention is key as our lawn spray technicians incorporate preventative sprays, oils and herbicides into our company’s core program.

However, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our family and pets. Our team uses the safest lawn spray products with your dog, or any other pet, in mind.

"Michael Hatcher is committed to delivering the highest quality for his customers and demands the same from those who work for him. As a recent customer, his involvement in quality-control made me not just a fan, but a raving fan."

Michael B. - Tennessee