5 Tips For Hiring Brush Clearing Services in Memphis, TN and Northern MS

Michael Hatcher

Nov 2, 2020 9:02:00 AM

If you wandered out onto your property to admire the sunset, got lost in overgrown thickets, and nobody’s heard from you since, you need brush clearing services.

OK, that’s a pretty dramatic situation. Things don’t have to get that drastic for you to need land clearing services.

Here at Hatcher & Associates, we partner with Woods Construction Services for our residential and commercial customers’ brush clearing needs.

Owner Brian Woods shares some tips for hiring professional brush clearing services.

Put down your hatchet and take a look.

Why Hire Brush Clearing Services?

Lots of reasons.

“Most of the time people want to gain back lost property,” Woods says.

Homeowners might want to install a fence, or expand their lawn.

Commercial customers might want to add a playground or expand a parking lot.

“Sometimes it’s just for aesthetics,” he says. Overgrown brush is pretty unsightly.
Tall Brush that needs clearing
Sometimes Woods partners with tree clearing services to create more sunlight for struggling grass to grow. He clears out the underbrush, then the tree company removes some tree limbs or takes out trees so more sunlight can get through.

Need to hire professional brush clearing services? Woods shares some tips:

1. Know What Land Clearing Services Consider Brush

If you have overgrown vines, bushes, undergrowth, and small trees up to six or eight inches in diameter, that’s a job for brush clearing services, Woods says.

Trees bigger than that require a tree removal company.

2. Ask About Equipment and Approach

While some land clearing services roar in with bulldozers, Woods takes a more low-impact, environmentally friendly approach.

He uses a low-impact machine with rubber tracks. It clears brush without creating a big mess.

The equipment grinds the brush into mulch that stays behind to decompose and enrich the soil.

Customers can plant grass seed, remove the mulch and install sod, or leave the mulch to break down and enrich the soil.

Meanwhile, the mulch prevents runoff and erosion, he says. Bulldozers leave bare soil behind.

His brush-clearing equipment leaves a clean surface, he says, with no sharp sticks or debris that could puncture your lawn mower tires.

3. Don’t Wait Too Long to Hire Brush Clearing Services

“The longer you let the brush grow, the longer it takes to clean up and the more it will cost you,” Woods says.

Overgrown brush poses a host of property problems, he says.

  • The grass and plants around a retention pond help filter pollutants from the stormwater, but they can’t be overgrown. Woody growth can catch debris, obstructing the flow of water. Cattails and other invasive plants can block water flow and crowd out beneficial greenery. 
  • If a tree root makes its way into a levy, the levy can leak.
  • Animals love to build nests and dens in overgrown brush.
  • Overgrown brush provides hiding places for vandals and burglars.

4. Ask How They Charge

A lot of professional brush clearing services charge by the hour.

Woods charges by the job, so you’ll know up front what the cost will be.
Large brush clearing
Prices vary, based on the size and scope of the work, he says, but typically start at a few thousand dollars.

5. Hire Reputable Brush Clearing Services

Don’t hire a company just based on the cheapest price, Woods says.

Consider the equipment they use, their customer reviews, and how they’ll leave your property when the job is done.

Less reputable companies might leave debris on parking lots or lawn, he says.

“We’re careful and respectful about yards and properties,” he says.

Need Professional Brush Clearing Services? Trust Hatcher

You have to admit, partnering with a guy with the last name “Woods” to clear out overgrown brush and small trees is pretty cool.

But the main reason we trust him to take care of our valuable customers’ brush clearing needs is he does a fantastic job, uses low-impact equipment, and takes good care of the land.

Ready to clear out unsightly brush to boost the appeal of your commercial property? Talk to one of our commercial landscaping experts today! We’ll meet at your property, create a custom plan, and get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful, worry-free property.

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