How We Set Our New Customers Up for Success (and Less Aggravation)

Michael Hatcher

Dec 7, 2020 8:44:31 AM

There’s a motto here at Hatcher & Associates that sums up how we work: “Start Clean, Finish Clean.”

It has nothing to do with washing dishes or picking up dirty socks from the floor. (Although feel free to use our motto at home with your teenagers.) 
Here, it’s all about planning, communication, details, and follow-up.
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So much goes into our production plan for each customer, “it would totally shock a lot of people,” says Kelly Ogden, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service.

Here’s how we set you up for success, clean start to clean finish:

1. Planning, Planning, Planning

All new jobs start with Jim Williams, Director of Sales and Relationships for the Commercial Maintenance Division.

When a potential new client contacts us, Williams fills out a detailed form including every aspect of the property and services.

He hands it off to Alex Moore, Commercial Senior Account Manager, who analyzes your property and the services it needs and determines the price Hatcher would charge for the job.

Moore hands it back to Williams and Ogden, who make sure every detail is covered, then create the Request for Proposal you receive that outlines our services and the price.

2. The Property Map

Once a customer signs on with us, we gather key Hatcher people together for a meeting to devise the new client’s detailed property map.

The field operations manager is there. So is the account manager. Williams and Ogden are on board.
Account manager devising a detailed property map
“We discuss all the points and nuances of the property,” Ogden says. “Whether it’s spring clean up or mulch or mowing, we know exactly how many people we need to do the job and how many hours it will take.”

They also discuss those little details that are important to you.

“Every client has a pressure point — one thing that drives them nuts,” Ogden says. “If that’s not identified on the front end, it can easily be overlooked.”

3. The Client Meeting

Next up is a meeting with you at your property.

You’ll meet your account manager and field operations manager, hear about their roles so you know exactly who does what.

This in-person group discussion ensures everybody knows the game plan.
Landscaping account manager meeting with the customer on the property
You know that game called telephone, where one person in a line whispers something to the next person, and so on, until the person at the end of the line has to repeat the message — and it’s nothing like the original message?

“That’s the reason we have a whole team hearing it all from the client at once,” Ogden says. “We want everybody to hear the same message at the same time.”

4. Constant Communication

Williams takes photos of your property before Hatcher crews visit for the first time.

He takes photos again 30 days after our work begins.

You get a report detailing the difference that’s already been made, and our plans for the property moving forward.

It’s just one example of the frequent and detailed communication between Hatcher and our customers.

You’ll hear from us before you need to reach out.

“If we communicate with the customer and say, ‘You've got a lot of weeds on your property, and here’s our plan to get rid of them,’ that’s a lot better than if the client calls us and says ‘There's a bunch of weeds on my property,’” Ogden says.

Why All of These Steps?

“If we didn’t do all these things, the client would go back to Jim, their initial contact, with questions,” Ogden says. “But if it’s 90 days into the contract, Jim isn’t going to know exactly what’s going on at the property. That’s not his job.

“This way, there’s no confusion about exactly who they deal with.”

Every step along the way has a purpose, Ogden says, “and if you check all the boxes, nothing should fall through the cracks.”
Landscape account manager explaining jobs to crew members
This kind of detailed strategy and proactive communication doesn’t just attract clients, Ogden says. It builds relationships.

“Without clients, we’re nothing,” Ogden says. “We want our clients to be raving fans.”

Set Yourself Up For Success with Hatcher

Hatcher customers soon discover “Start Clean, Finish Clean” means less stress, more time to spend on their customers and business, and peace of mind.

A lot more goes into our relationships with customers than meets the eye. We’d love to tell you more.

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Michael Hatcher

Written by Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is Founder and Chairman of Michael Hatcher & Associates.