How Mowing Impacts Your Whole Memphis, TN Commercial Property

Michael Hatcher

Mar 19, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Technically, mowing means making your grass shorter. But it’s so much more than that.

When you get your hair cut, sure, it’s shorter. But a good cut makes your whole face look better, right? And a bad haircut? Yikes, we’ve all been there.

Same thing with your lawn. 

Plant all the pretty flowers and spectacular shrubs you want, but if your lawn is uneven, and there are stray clippings littering your pavement, everything looks bad.

Bad mowing can even cause damage to your property. 

Is your Memphis commercial mowing services company doing it right? 

Alex Moore, commercial senior production manager at Michael Hatcher & Associates, shares a few key strategies for successful mowing. 

The Best Commercial Mowing Services Pick the Proper Mower for the Job

One mower doesn’t fit all. 

For a small section of turf, a push mower is better than a riding mower, Moore says. 

technician mowing commercial property

The big rear tires on a riding mower create ruts in a small space, from all the turns it has to make.

A riding mower can get stuck on a slope, he says, so a walk-behind mower is the better bet. 

Skilled commercial mowing services crews choose the right mower for the size and type of job.

Mow in Different Directions 

If crews mow in the same direction each week, they’ll create troughs in the turf. 

A heavy rain can cause water to pool in them, making a big mess, and a headache for you.

Alternating mowing patterns — diagonal one week, perpendicular the next — makes for attractive, trough-free turf.

Why Commercial Mowing Services Shouldn’t Mow After Heavy Rain 

The ground is soft after a big rain, causing heavy mowers to sink into the soil, leaving ugly ruts in the grass.

Mowers can damage irrigation components if they sink too low into the ground, Moore says, hitting sprinkler heads and valve boxes.

Mulch the Clippings

Hatcher mowing crews use mulch kits on our mowers, which catch grass clippings, chop them up, and return them to the ground.

Commercial landscape mowing services

These nutritious bits break down, returning beneficial nutrients to the soil. 

Some other Memphis commercial landscaping companies forgo the expense of mulching kits and allow the clippings to spray out the side, Moore says, along with occasional small stones that can injure passersby or damage cars and property.

The Best Commercial Mowing Services Only Mow One Third

Skilled mowers follow the “one-third rule,” and don’t cut more than a third of the grass blades’ length in a single mowing.

Technician mowing commercial landscape

Taller grass has a larger, healthier root system, so it can stand up better to the stress of summer heat.

And longer grass provides cooling shade for the soil, so it can hold onto moisture better.

This is especially beneficial here in the Mid-South, where our warm season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia are extra stressed in the heat if mowed too short.

Maintenance Matters 

Ever try to slice a tomato with a dull knife?

It’s not pretty, right?

Same thing with your lawn and a dull mower blade.

“Dull blades cut unevenly,” Moore says. “You have to keep your mowers well maintained and your blades sharp.”

Hatcher employs full-time mechanics who keep extra blades nice and sharp, so crews can change mower blades every week, quickly and efficiently, to ensure a clean, level cut.

Mow at the Right Speed

You’ve probably seen riding mower speed demons, zipping along at 8-10 mph.

What’s the hurry, Murray?

commercial landscape technician mowing

“You can’t get a level cut that fast,” Moore says. “And you miss sections, too.”

Our crews mow at a steady 5 mph. Fast enough to be efficient, but slow enough to get every blade. 

Tend to Trash

Conscientious commercial landscaping companies pick up trash and debris before they mow. Otherwise, it gets chopped up into unsightly little bits that make your property look, well, trashy.

“Some companies just get out there and mow, leaving the trash,” Moore says. “They want to get done as quickly as possible.”

Trimming: The Finishing Touch

Hatcher crews mow everything they can get to with either push mowers, walk-behind or riding mowers.

But some areas of your property are hard to reach.

Trimmers to the rescue. 

commercial landscape technician trimming property

String trimmers tidy up around posts, bollards, and signage, so everything looks neat.

Stick edgers are great for those areas where turf meets driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Some commercial mowing services use string trimmers turned on their sides for these spots.

That can send debris flying and doesn’t achieve that perfect tidy edge.

The Best Commercial Mowing Services Clear the Clippings

Even if your lawn is mowed perfectly, the whole look is ruined if crews leave behind unsightly piles of clippings on sidewalks or messy strips of mud on driveways. 

Good commercial landscaping companies use backpack blowers to tidy up after mowing, leaving clear, clean surfaces. 

Commercial Mowing Services: A Team Effort

“A properly mowed lawn is your centerpiece,” Moore says. “When you have a lawn in front of your property, it sets the tone for your entire landscaping. You want a nice level cut, a crisp edge, properly treated turf.”

That whole package takes a team effort, he says. 

Commercial landscape mowing and maintenance team

Mowing crews do their part, while skilled lawn care technicians chip in with a proper program to keep turf green and weed free.

“Some companies do a decent job mowing, but then you see weeds popping up that look unsightly,” Moore says. “That ruins the whole look.”

Your part? Choosing a skilled and conscientious commercial landscaping company that knows mowing isn’t just mowing. It affects your whole property, and your reputation. 

Trust Your Commercial Mowing Services — and More — to Hatcher 

A perfectly mowed lawn may be the centerpiece, but there are some key supporting players in your landscape design.

That nice-looking lawn needs proper irrigation to stay healthy

Your landscaping needs the right shrubs, trees, and plants — and proper maintenance to help them thrive.

Put it all in the hands of a Memphis commercial landscaping company you trust and cross a huge stress off your list. 

Are you ready to see how skilled commercial mowing services can make your job easier? Talk to one of our commercial landscaping experts today! We’ll meet at your property, create a custom plan, and get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful, worry-free property.

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