Flower Planting Color Combos & the Psychological Factors That Wow Commercial Property Visitors

Michael Hatcher

Jul 7, 2020 2:42:59 PM

If you see Chris Pierce cruising past your commercial property, he’s probably not there to rent an apartment, take out a loan, or buy a bunch of new clothes.


He’s driving past to look at your flowers. 

“I drive by our commercial properties at the posted speed limit,” says Pierce, operations manager for commercial maintenance at Michael Hatcher & Associates. ”I drive by and look at the flowers the way potential customers see them every day. If it gets my attention, I’ve done my job.”

What gets his attention? Mostly, color.

When it’s time for annual flower planting, how do Pierce and the Hatcher crews combine flower colors to grab your customers’ attention?

Let’s take a little color tour.

First Up: What Do You Like?

“First, we ask the customers what they like,” Pierce says. 

Partial to pink? Love lavender? Can’t get enough red?

Combination of flower colors on commercial property

Feel free to suggest colors you love for your annual flower planting.

“I have an HOA customer that wants everything white, but different plants and textures,” he says. “They think that’s a classy look, as opposed to reds and yellows.”

It’s a good move, he says, as the HOA property’s current salmon-hued brick is hard to match.

Speed Matters

Will your potential tenants or customers be driving by at a leisurely pace, or whizzing past on a busy street?

It matters, Pierce says.

White works for that HOA client he mentioned. 

“Residents have to enter through a gate and they’re going about 15 miles an hour,” Pierce says. “In residential neighborhoods, people drive slower. There’s more time to appreciate the flowers.

“All white offers a wow factor, but it’s a different kind of wow factor,” he says. “It’s appreciated at a slow pace.”

But all that white would be lost on a busy street, Pierce says.

“If you’re going 40 miles an hour, you need the flowers to scream, ‘There's a Best Buy here!’” he says. “You pass by in a second. The flowers have to be bright to catch your eye.”

Warm It Up 

Warm colors like yellow, orange, and red automatically bring a vibrant energy to annual flower planting at your commercial property. Orange and yellow are cheerful colors that suggest positive energy. 

Plant bed with warm colors on commercial landscape

They’re exciting. People can’t help but look, even from a distance. 

The Cool Kids 

On the other hand, flowers in purple, lavender, and blue are considered cooler, so they’re calming.

plant bed with cool colors on commercial landscape

They don’t show up as great from a distance but are good for appreciating up close, especially if you want a relaxing vibe. 

Annual Flower Planting: Mix it Up

The fun comes when you start mixing colors together for your annual flower planting in flower beds and containers. 

Annual flower container garden

What do you get when you mix orange flowers with purple? Or yellow with red?

Lots of attention.

Pierce’s Perfect Picks for Annual Flower Planting 

In winter, Pierce likes bright yellow, orange, and white flowers together to brighten the gloom.

In summer, he breaks out the pinks, white, yellows, and reds.

Plant bed with variety of annual flowers

A large flower bed can handle two to three colors, Pierce says, but with small beds, he sticks to one color, so it’s not too busy. 

Shady? Stay away from dark colors like deep purples and dark reds, Pierce says. Bright colors are better for shade. Pastel hues can brighten up a dark area, too.

He loves pairing yellow with red. 

Try the yellow foliage of Joseph’s Coat with red begonias in front, he suggests. Stunning.

Branding with Flowers

Consider using flower colors to highlight your company brand, Pierce says.

Got a great logo? Incorporate those colors in your annual flower planting out front or your containers at entrances.

Think about the distinctive orange and purple logo of FedEx. Now imagine big drifts of purple and orange flowers greeting visitors at their headquarters. Perfect. 

Puzzled About Annual Flower Planting? Trust Hatcher

Not sure what flower colors will work best at your commercial property?

No worries. You’re in good hands with Pierce.

commercial landscape with colorful flowers and plants

“Lots of customers tell us, ‘Just plant what y’all think looks best,’” he says.

Then he’ll drive by, to make sure it’s just right.

Are you ready to boost the appeal of your commercial property with annual flower planting that’ll wow your customers and tenants?

Talk to one of our commercial landscaping experts today! We’ll meet at your property, create a custom plan, and get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful, worry-free property.

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Michael Hatcher

Written by Michael Hatcher

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