3 Reasons Why You Should Winterize Your Memphis Irrigation System

Michael Hatcher

Dec 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Temperatures are gradually dropping here in Memphis, causing more people to light up the fireplace, throw on a jacket and — hopefully — winterize their irrigation system.

Just like when you cover your outdoor faucets, your Memphis irrigation system also needs some attention as the colder weather sets in. If not, you could be stuck dealing with frozen pipes, unnecessary utility bills and unhealthy turf.

Here are three reasons why now is the time to winterize your irrigation system.

Keeps Pipes from Bursting

Memphis Property in Winter

Freezing temperatures and water don’t go well together, especially if that water is in your irrigation system pipes.

As it gets colder outside, the ground will begin to freeze. As temperatures continue to drop, the ground’s freeze line will go even deeper and could eventually reach your pipes.

If your irrigation pipes and components freeze, they can burst and cause damage to your entire system. Valves and anti-siphon (backflow) devices are especially expensive to replace.

Instead of taking your chances, be proactive and winterize your irrigation system now. Hire a professional landscaping company to blow out all of the water from your system. They can also inspect the system to make sure everything is working correctly so you don’t have any surprises come spring.

Reduce Water Usage

4625677317_fbe1b460a1_b.jpgGrass goes dormant during the colder months, so it doesn’t need much water during that time. Plus, fall and winter are known for having rainy weather, providing plenty of natural water.

Instead of wasting your money and resources, winterize your irrigation system so it isn’t using water. Your turf and plants don’t need the extra water right now.

Watering your lawn this time of year can also lead to unwanted weed growth. By shutting off the system until next year, you help keep your property weed free.


Reduce Chance of Turf Disease

5330646638_a44e1605d6_b.jpgHaving too much water on your property this time of year can lead to more than just weeds. It can also cause fungus and other diseases to appear.

Fungi can only grow where there’s moisture, and winterizing your irrigation system can help prevent that. Signs of fungus include white growth, powdery mildew, brown patches and sickly looking turf. This can cause problems for your property’s appearance and health.

It’s important to winterize your system to keep fungus and disease from affecting your lawn.

Start Winterizing Now

Frost on the groundDon’t put off winterizing your irrigation system — or you could end up with broken pipes, fungus and costly repairs.

Now is the time to give your system some attention, so make sure you find a qualified landscaping company that can help.

Our technicians at Michael Hatcher & Associates have extensive field training and experience, making them prepared for any irrigation or water management project. Our team can service, upgrade, install and winterize your irrigation system to keep it working efficiently.

We are a certified landscape irrigation contractor and we also have three team members that are certified backflow inspectors.

Contact us at 901-755-3207 or by filling a form out online. You can also request a consultation on our website.

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Michael Hatcher

Written by Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is Founder and Chairman of Michael Hatcher & Associates.