Do you have standing water in your yard? Standing water, caused by poor drainage, can prevent plant growth and promote root disease. Consider these 3 ways to rid your yard of standing water and encourage healthy drainage.

Build Up the Soil

Build up the soil where you are having drainage issues. When using this method, however, keep in mind the excess water could leave the area of your drainage issue and run elsewhere. To avoid chasing this water around your yard create a 2% slope that enables the water to go somewhere. In other words, create a 2-inch slope for every 10 feet of yard.  


French and Subsurface Drains

Drains, both French and subsurface, are ideal for standing water as they both give access water a place to go. A French drain, consisting of a pipe, filled with gravel and covered with grass, works when the drain provides a dumping place for the water. A subsurface drain, created with a catch basin and solid pipe, must have a 2% slope to be successful. To avoid clogging, make sure you can see the excess water exiting both types of drains.


Rain Barrels 

Reduce the amount of rainwater that your yard receives by collecting it in rain barrels. These barrels, made with old whiskey barrels or any other type of large container, attaches to downspouts and collects rainwater, rainwater that can be used during the summer months when precipitation decreases.


Standing water can be solved using one of these three tactics. Learn more about common landscape drainage problems by reading our blog, 5 Common Landscape Drainage Problems (and How to Solve Them!).

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