hatcher_lawn_maintenance_services_memphisIn business, appearances count. You wouldn’t show up at a client presentation wearing an old T-shirt and ripped jeans.

So why would you allow your first impression of your business be a patchy, weedy lawn?

For many businesses, the need to maintain their property to professional standards makes lawn care a necessity. And that means, figuring out how to budget for it.

What Can You Expect To Spend For Lawn Care For Your Business?

First, let’s define “lawn care.”

It’s very common even within the landscaping industry to lump all turf services together as “lawn care.” However, we prefer to use language in a more precise manner.  

When we speak of lawn care, we are referring to turf treatment services that keep your grass in optimal health. These include:

  • Soil pH testing and balancing
  • Fertilizer applications, and
  • Fungicide, pesticide, and herbicide treatments. 

Just to be clear, landscape management or maintenance packages often include many services (mowing, pruning, mulching, weeding, etc.) above and beyond lawn care.

When you purchase landscape maintenance, you can choose either dedicated lawn care services or a more full-service package to best match your maintenance needs.

What Affects Commercial Lawn Care Services Cost?

hatcher_commercial_lawn_maintenance_memphisBecause every commercial property is different and each company has different needs and expectations, it would be impossible to quote lawn care prices without seeing the property in question.

However, we can tell you some of the things that will affect how much lawn care services cost. These include:

  • Your expectation levels. The number of visits and applications required depends on your base requirement for appearance. Do you want to look like a resort? Or are you happy just to keep your turf alive through the summer?

  • Type of turf.  Because Memphis is located in a transition zone, we can grow both warm season and cool season grasses in this area. We don’t see a lot of cool season turf here, but if that’s what you have it will require a completely different program, which may affect the price point.

  • Square footage:  A bigger lawn requires more mulch, chemical, fertilizer, time, etc. - all of which will add to the cost. However, due to efficiency of scale, price per square foot scales down as the acreage increases.

  • The starting condition of your turf. If your turf is in poor condition at the beginning of your program, it will require extra treatments to restore health before moving to a routine turf maintenance schedule.

  • Your terrain: Harder-to-service areas such as steeply sloped beds or turf areas, secure areas that are hard to gain access to, and high pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas will require more time, effort, and often specialized equipment to service than large expanses of open lawn.

  • The condition of your soil.  PH levels greatly affect the efficacy of fertilization programs and the health of your turf. Some properties require more attention to pH balancing than others.  

  • Your specific weeds. Not all weeds are created equal. Some require repeat applications of expensive specialty chemicals for proper control.

  • Need-based services. You never know what Mother Nature will throw at you. Extra fertilization rounds, micro nutrients, preventative fungicides and insecticides may be requested based upon need.

6 Things to Keep In Mind When Budgeting For Commercial Lawn Care Services Costs

hatcher_lawn_care_services_memphisBefore beginning any turf care program, it is important to have realistic expectations.

Here are a few points to keep in mind as you budget for lawn care:

  1. Understand first that you are dealing with natural conditions.  100% weed control may not be a realistic or cost effective goal, depending on your budget and the needs of your business.

  2. Lawn care programs are most effective when combined with proper cultural practices. These include proper mowing, adequate irrigation, proper timing of irrigation to prevent chemical volatilization, and other concerns.

  3. It’s impossible to achieve an ideal lawn without getting the soil right first.  Soil sampling will indicate curative steps that enhance the effects of any fertilization program.

  4. Selecting a comprehensive program is generally more cost effective than purchasing just one or two applications.  A fertile healthy lawn can help out-compete weeds and act as a preventative.  Pre-emergent treatments in the long haul are less costly and keep the appearance of the lawn better throughout the season instead of just relying on post emergent herbicides.

  5. Timing and consistency make a difference. Ideal timing for applications depends on horticultural windows centered around weed germination periods and optimal uptake of nutrients.  MIssing applications for any reason can lessen the results of the entire program.  

  6. Environmental factors can affect the ability of a turf program to produce results.  Slope, shade, drainage, foot traffic, compaction, and thatch can all be limiting factors.

Interested In Commercial Lawn Care Services?  

As you can see, figuring out how much commercial lawn care services cost is a complex matter. In addition to physical considerations such as your property size and soil conditions, much depends on your expectations!

If you are located in Memphis Metro area and would like a more precise idea of what it would cost for lawn care services for your property, call us at (901) 755-3207 or contact us online. One of our commercial landscape professionals will be happy to assist!


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