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Don’t Waste Another Football Season (Or Any Season) Indoors

Catch your favorite team in the playoffs…or head to the patio to soak in the fresh air and natural beauty of fall? Imagine never having to choose!

Let’s call it patiogating.  Fire up the grill, get the firepit going, and invite all your friends to enjoy the good life. Whether you want to watch the big games with friends, or relax with your favorite tunes after work, an outdoor entertainment system can enhance your open-air experience, and score you more time outside. It’s a healthy and fun lifestyle upgrade your whole family will love.

The best part? You can enjoy a well-planned outdoor entertainment system all year round. Whenever we install a piece of equipment, we make sure it can endure the ever-changing Mid-South weather. From summertime movie nights to greeting your guests with classic Christmas tunes at the holidays, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Outdoor Audio and Video System Installation in Memphis

We partner with Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment to combine our landscaping expertise with their extensive electronic systems. Because of this, we can offer a variety of different options:

  • Outdoor Music Systems
  • Televisions
  • Outdoor Video Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • Outdoor Theaters
  • Automation Control Systems
  • Home Networking Systems

If you already have a home entertainment system, our professionals will work to integrate it with the outdoor system. We can even combine the controls for all of your systems into a simple app. So instead of having five remotes, you can quickly start and control your system right from your phone or tablet.

Let us help you transform your yard into an outdoor getaway for friends and family, without worrying whether or not the technology will work!

Wire Up the Good Life

Ready to take your enjoyment of the outdoors to a whole new level? The first step is to let us know how you’d like to enjoy technology in your yard. No idea is too crazy: ask, and we’ll do our best to deliver.

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"Michael Hatcher is committed to delivering the highest quality for his customers and demands the same from those who work for him. As a recent customer, his involvement in quality-control made me not just a fan, but a raving fan."

Michael B. - Tennessee