Irrigation Foreman

The Irrigation foreman is responsible for working with and directing a work crew in the performance of assigned work for that day. 

The Foreman is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment, quality control and performing tasks within budgeted hrs, as well as seeing that customer needs and expectations are being met.  A successful foreman will take ownership of the assigned job site and be able to plan out his/her tasks with the assistance of the job supervisor based on the specific needs of the job site.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee crew members and all assigned work is performed in a safe and efficient manner within budgeted hrs
  • Perform Hazard Analysis for all assigned tasks and review daily with crew members ensuring all safety rules are being observed
  • Assure that the work is performed to the highest quality standards in accordance with the job specifications
  • Respond to and communicate to your supervisor specific requests of the client while working on site.  On-site company representative
  • Train crew members on the proper techniques for performing regular tasks
  • Comply and enforce all company policies with crew members
  • Minimize equipment damage through proper use.  Abuse will not be tolerated
  • Ensure all equipment is secure in transport, while at site and that nothing is left behind
  • Truck must be maintained:  regular fluid checks, tires, lights, inside and out
  • Truck must have full first aid kit, working fire extinguisher, triangles, registration and insurance packet at all times
  • Accurately fill out any and all paperwork.  Fuel recording, timesheets, Hazard analysis and job completion sheet
  • Maintain direct contact with supervisor about issues or special needs of assigned job sites
  • Maintain a professional appearance and work ethic among the crew
  • Become proficient in all LC construction procedures and installation techniques
  • Plan ahead and anticipate problems within the job
  • Accurately clock in yourself and crew members to their assigned tasks

Other Responsibilities:

  • Report equipment problems to your supervisor immediately and turn in the equipment to the mechanic’s shop at the end of the day
  • Report unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately
  • Report accidents to the office and your supervisor immediately and make sure an accident form is filled out before leaving for the day
  • Assist manager in performance evaluations, discipline or promotion of a crew members
  • Quality work without return trips
  • Daily communication with supervisor for all aspects related to assigned job sites
  • Be accountable to all assigned tasks
  • Maintain a clean and organized job site, shop, nursery, locker, and truck

Reports to:

  • Landscape Construction Supervisor
  • Landscape Construction Manager

People reporting to:

  • Landscape Construction Supervisor
  • Landscape Construction Manager

Performance Metrics:

  • Safety record
  • Quality work (Callbacks, complaints, punch lists, compliments)
  • Sales and growth goals
  • Performance to contribution margin goals
  • Training and performance of successful LC personnel
  • Ability to handle deadlines, large residential and commercial sites, and difficult sites and customers
  • Successful completion of contracted tasks and assigned on-going tasks

Successful Behaviors:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to lead and inspire others
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Demonstrate flexibility to work together as a team with all departments
  • Ability to perform out of ones comfort zone

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