You’re probably not a lawn and landscape professional: That’s why you’re looking to hire one.

You have to rely on them to know what your lawn needs and have the experience to implement those solutions. While most companies strive to provide high-quality services, some may fail to give you all of the information.

Here are five things your lawn care company might not be telling you.

Spring Projects Can Cost Less

As the temperatures heat up, so do the work schedules of successful lawn care companies. So, you can sometimes get deals and/or a quick turnaround if you hire a professional before the busy season gets in full swing.

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Spring is also the perfect time to get a greener lawn. You can have your lawn aerated, pH tested and improved, herbicides applied and grass mowed to prevent winter fungus from popping up. These will all help you have a lush lawn come summer.

You Might Not be Working with Their Employees

Some lawn care companies sub out their lawn care work, and they might not tell you about it. That’s something you’ll want to ask about from the start.

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If they do use subcontractors, see if they use them for maintenance crews or as project managers. Working a subcontractor manager can add some confusion to who is actually in charge and who to reach out to with questions.

All of our services are done in-house, so you know exactly who is managing your property.

Every Lawn is Different and Needs a Unique Plan

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to lawn care, so be wary of companies that don’t take your property’s specific needs into consideration.

They should propose a plan to meet your site’s needs — instead of just doing what they’ve done on other properties.

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A lawn care professional will need to visit your landscape to measure it, spot potential hazards or issues, figure out what it needs and then create a plan unique to your property.

For example, if you have erosion and stormwater runoff issues, you need to make sure the maintenance plan includes remedies for those, such as adding native plants, an irrigation system or grading steep slopes. Or, if have a shaded lawn that doesn’t grow as much as others, you may not need as many scheduled mows.

In addition to a site visit, they can also use technology like Google Maps to measure your site remotely.

Shorter Grass Isn’t Better

You may think having shorter blades on your lawn makes it look better, but in reality, that can cause more harm than it’s worth.

During the hot summer months, mowing your lawn too short can stress the turf and cause damage. And if that happens, you’ll need extra water and possibly chemical care to bring it back to a healthy level.

man mowing lawn

So, make sure you lawn care company isn’t cutting your lawn too short or too frequently. Most professionals will mow the grass at 3 to 4 inches, which is a good height.

You’ll Regret Hiring an Unqualified Company

Not all lawn care companies are created equal. Some operate out of their trucks — while others have an experienced team, proper insurance, certifications, licenses and commercial-grade equipment.

It may seem tempting to go with the low-ball bid to save a few dollars, but you could end up paying a lot more in the long run. You aren’t going to get high-quality work from an unqualified company, and they may cause other issues on your property because they don’t have the proper experience.

So, do your homework when you’re looking to hire a Memphis lawn care company to manage your property. It’s definitely worth the time.

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