Name: Enrique Gomez Vargas          

Hometown: Mexico City, Oaxaca

University(s) attended & major: None

Family Status: Married 

Length of employment with MH&A: Almost a year

What attracted you to working for MH&A? I needed a full time job

Job title: Foreman

Primary job responsibilities: Make sure everyone’s using equipment correctly, keep work area neat, and operating machines.

Best thing about my job: Seeing the outcome of the work.

Favorite project you have worked on at MH&A: The Kitchen Community project

I would describe the company culture/environment as: Good working environment

Most important thing you have learned from working in the landscaping industry: I’ve learned how to lay bricks and I’ve also learned how to safely use equipment.

Best thing about living & working in Memphis (or Mississippi): Great atmosphere

Biggest influence on career: 

Short-term professional goal: Learn how to drive a trailer and do a great job.

Long-term professional goal: Become more responsible, at work and at home

Most important characteristic of a leader: Responsibility and Safety

Piece of advice for a new graduate or person seeking employment in the landscaping industry: Always wear your safety helmet

If I didn’t work in the landscaping industry, I would be: Concrete work or Construction

When I’m not at work I’m: Resting, spending time with family

Something about you that would surprise people: I’m a very clean person.

If you won the lottery, you would… Buy a home for my family and continue to work for Michael Hatcher & Associates