Did you know that you can garden under water?

Aquascaping is the ability to arrange aquatic plants within an aquarium creating an appealing landscape for all who witness it. In addition to aquatic plants, stones and driftwood, fish are common in this type of environment as well. Hardscaping is another option when considering the design of an aquascape.

Just like any other type of landscaping, there are several different designs, techniques and inspirations when discussing the art of aquascaping. Take a look at this craft and how it's successfully done, in several different ways, below.

The Design

Different cultures have developed different aquascaping designs. For example, the Dutch use multiple types of plants that vary in leaf color, size and texture. Most of their aquascape is covered in plants, leaving no room for rock or driftwood. The oriental, however, prefer a minimalist appeal and do this by using fewer plant species, creating a consistent look throughout the aquarium. This type of aquarium usually has one focal point as well. Aquascape designs in the Mid-South are a combination of these two designs with more use of stone, sloping contours and fish life as well. 


The Technique

While an aquascape is an appealing landscape for all, it takes effort to get it, and keep it, that way. In regards to maintaining the plants, make sure that they stay trimmed for consistent shape. Consider using aqua-safe fertiliziers for plant health as well. It's also important to support photosynthesis within the aquarium. Promote the process by controlling light, using a light system, and carbon dioxide. Lastly, don't forget about algae. This buildup can be taken care of with the use of certain fish, shrimp and snails as well as a selection of water additives. 

The Inspiration

When hiking in the woods or taking the dog for a walk in the park, pay attention. Noticing an aquascape's arrangements, colors, lines, shapes and textures can inspire an individual to create their own. Day dreaming is also encouraged for inspiration.


Whether inspired by Dutch-design, oriental-design or even by a scene in the woods or a daydream, create an appealing and artistic landscape by participating in aquascaping.